Why Borescope Inspection is a must?

Clean pipelines used in pharmaceutical plants are a vital component of the manufacturing process. Presently the sterile clean pipes are constructed of stainless steel , and utilize the most modern welding technique.

GMP, FDA certification and pharmaceutical manufacturing processes have strict requirements for how well is the pipe welding. For instance injection water pipelines, material pipelines, steam pure pipelines as well as other pipelines. are required to have good medium conveying environments that are pollution-free corrosion-resistant and clean internal walls. Production firms and construction companies to supply items that satisfy the exact needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

A stainless-steel tube has to have a smooth surface and be free from oxide. Because the thickness of thin-walled stainless steel tubes is less than 3 millimeters the sequence of welding and assembly is not correct, and the choice of welding parameters is not appropriate and could result in the tube to deform during welding sheets, which can result in poor sealing and pull-off of the tube. If the welding of the construction pipe is slightly inadvertent, serious consequences may occur. This is definitely not a risk that you may want to undertake when dealing with clean and quality air.

Borescope Inspection Services are becoming more and more crucial, not only in the industry of pharmaceutical equipment as well as in the pharmaceutical industry however, it is also used when it comes to other pipe welding inspections. The use of endoscopes for pipe welding inspection has contributed huge contribution to the understanding of welding flaws that impact the medium-conveying environment, and ways to eliminate the welding defects during the production process itself to ensure that the quality of the pipeline welding is consistently controlled throughout.

Benefits of Borescope Inspections

The industrial borescope is utilized for non-destructive testing. To ensure an excellent quality pipe weld, the industrial borescopes give solid support for the examination of the outside surface of the welded components. Non-destructive tests is possible without disassembling or damaging the part and interrupting the machine’s operation. Recording and photography can be done on the parts examined for recording, monitoring, and analysis of images in the area of view. Inspection report.

The primary function of  Borescope Inspection Services is the ability to observe both the outside of the pipe the instrument, and its insideof the pipe, which is not easily seen by the human eye. It is used to inspect the pipe’s surface along with the weld to look for cracks white spots, blisters pores and inclusions of slag. 

Splashes or pits, scales paint and rust on the weld’s surface of the workpiece need to be removed prior to examination. Because of the complex working environment that industrial pipe endoscopes are utilized typically, it is essential to identify the type of endoscope employed based on the specific location and specifications of the object being tested.  At least the position, direction, and path of the test should be considered. Complex products often require multiple models.

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It is a Visual Inspection (Videoscope) that require experience and at least ASNT Level II certified inspector to carry out interpretation of the video images.

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