Dew Point Analysis

Air Quality Testing is performed to certify or validate the purity class of process gases with reference to ISO 8573-1:2010 or Customer’s requirement which summarises into the following three categories:

  1. Particle – impurities as small as 0.1 microns
  2. Water – moisture in the form of pressure dewpoint
  3. Oil – in the form liquid, aerosol and vapor

Particles, water, and oil in are seen as impurities that will contaminate downstream systems which leads to rejection of end-products and also the early failure of high-end machineries.

Conducting periodic Air Quality Testing will allow early detection of potential problems and at the same time provide peace of mind while maintaining a high-quality production.

  • Process Air System within customer specifications.
  • Compressed Air System (ISO 8573-1:2020):

Compressed Air Testing is performed for establishing the purify class / validation of process air system using the International Standard ISO 8573-1:2020 which summarises into different classes of Dew Point Measurement, Particle Count Measurement and Oil Mist.

A complete analysis of the Dew Point or moisture saturation will provide a record of the moisture in the air, including a description of the moisture content. The data that is provided by the dew point analyzer will help determine the overall moisture content, which affects the desirability and longevity of various equipment.

Dew Point Measurement

Dew point sensor for compressed air is a method of measuring the moisture content in gases such as compressed air or gases that are emitted from a boiler or incinerator.

Dew Point is important for Microelectronics/Pharmaceutical Industries as high Dew Point could cause equipment to be malfunctioned and certain water sensitive processes that require compressed air may have a specific dryness specification.

Pharmaceutical processes which require high purity may treat water vapor as contaminants.

GoodTech Engineering provides industrial dew point analysis and measurement services in Singapore. We provide equipment and experienced personnel to test the dew point of compressed air, used oil, or other industrial liquids.

ISO 8573-1:2010